Network Management System


The University Dorm Internet application has been available online since June 26, 2017. All previous online data are purged.

  • Dormitory Internet Step-by-Step RegistrationĦG
    Win XPĦBWin 7ĦBWin 10 ĦBMac or Linux
  • Notice

    • Configure your computer for DHCP to automatically obtain an IP address.
    • For Windows users, please visit to download an automatic update registry file which will set up the Windows Automatic Updates to start at the scheduled time. Your computer must be up-to-date prior to applying for the use of the Dorm Network System.
    • The University prohibits the use of peer-to-peer software on the University Network as well as the download of unauthorized files/software.
    • Please visit the University AntiVirus website to download and install the campus license agreement antivirus software. User's Internet access privileges will be suspended for two months based on University Regulations if preventing others from using the University Internet due to the effect of computer viruses.